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    Our software allows for various notifications to you.

    The advanced sensors on our devices instantly detect and provide all the critical details.

    Our software allows you to receive a notification via e- mail by setting the exact information parameters.

    Our system allows for:

    • Vehicle speed limit. If it exceeds the announced restrictions in certain places (settlements, highways, ring roads, etc.)
    • Easy delineation of an area to be notified when entered or exited, and the speed limits therein.
    • Notification for parameters change from the OBD socket:
    1. Engine load – %
    2. Coolant temperature – °C
    3. Engine speed – rpm
    4. Vehicle speed – km/h
    5. Intake air temperature
    6. Throttle position – %
    7. Engine operation time after start-up – sec
    8. Distance travelled – km
    9. Distance travelled after codes resetting – km
    10. Battery voltage – V
    11. Time elapsed after codes resetting – min

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